RD Petroleum Fuel Card Rates

1 January 2024

PERL RD Petroleum Fuel Card

Our current PERL Fuel pricing for the week 12th Feb 24 -18th Feb 24 GST inclusive is:

The current pricing for this week incl GST is:

Diesel    –             $1.93 per litre

91          –             $2.66 per litre

95          –             $2.85 per litre

98           –            $2.95 per litre

*Please note for the Auckland region you need to add on the 11.5 cents per litre tax

Filling up at a dedicated BP truck stop will also give you a further 2 cents a litre discount.

PERL Electrical in Partnership with RD Petroleum fuel cards ensure you keep moving. 

With 24/7 access to the ever-increasing network of rural service sites across the South Island.  Save at the pump with commercial PERL RD Petroleum fuel card rates.  RD Petroleum cards are also accepted at all BP service stations and participating Gasoline Alley (G.A.S) sites across New Zealand.  They’ve got all of your fuel stops covered.  With no annual fees and no transaction fees, consolidate all your fuel expenses as a business into one simple monthly statement.

Start enjoying your exclusive value-added benefits:

  • 24-hour access to RDP fuel sites
  • Accepted at BP and G.A.S petrol service stations
  • No annual fees
  • No transaction fees
  • Consolidate all your fuel expenses in one simple monthly statement
  • Bulk Rates for onsite storage
  • Fleet Rates for multi vehicle fleets
  • Business Rates for SMEs

Send us a message at info@perlelectrical.co.nz and we will get your RD Petroleum Fuel Card account sorted.

Bulk Fuel Rates (enquire at info@perlelectrical.co.nz)

RD Petroleum operates tankers from bases in Nelson, West Coast, Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin, and Invercargill.

RDP has a centralised dispatch and scheduling team based in the South Island, with a real-time overview of the tanker fleet. Matched with an up-to-date database of client orders, RDP is able to provide the highest level of delivery service.

The leading-edge technology ensures maximum utilisation of the fleet, allowing RDP to be one of the most cost-effective fuel distributors’ in the business.

Bulk fuel services include:

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