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Electrical Repairs & Installations

Need electrical repairs, product and installation? PERL Electrical Christchurch South will sort all your electrical repairs in Christchurch, whether it’s for a rental property, renovation improvements to your existing home or business, quickly and professionally.  We’re your trusted local Christchurch electricians.


New Home & Renovation Electrical

From design to project completion PERL Electrical Christchurch South provides the expertise and advise you need to ensure your electrical projects are completed on time and budget while also ensuring that the solution meets your needs. When you work with PERL Electrical as your residential electricians in Christchurch, we ensure the build process is a simple, efficient and stress-free experience.


HVAC - Heat Pumps, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems

PERL Electrical Christchurch South has the ideal energy efficient heating and cooling solution for year-round comfort no matter whether you are looking to efficiently heat or air condition (cooling in summer) just one room, multiple rooms or you are looking for a central heating solution for your entire home. PERL Electrical are your local experts in all aspects of Heat Pumps, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in Christchurch.


Home Automation & Smart Homes

Smart home automation devices connect appliances, switches, and gadgets to a central hub, enabling you to control those devices in secure and convenient ways. PERL Electricians love working on smart home automation in Christchurch - we can make your home more comfortable, more convenient, and more secure than ever. Give us a call today to discuss your dream solution.


Lighting Design, LED Conversion & Install Solutions

PERL Electrical Christchurch South installs innovative, reliable, and cost-efficient lighting in homes and businesses throughout Christchurch and Canterbury Region.  From low-voltage landscape lighting to decorative recessed lighting and track lighting, to energy-efficient industrial floor, cow shed, and stadium lighting, to modern energy efficient LED lighting, PERL Electrical will install the solution that is right for you.

Appliance Testing & Tagging

Workplace and employee safety should always be the number one priority.  At PERL Electrical Christchurch South, we specialise in electrical safety testing services so can assist you to meet your electrical Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Our test and tag team in Christchurch will ensure that your business is safe and compliant. Contact us today to arrange a visit from one of our experienced PERL team to ensure your equipment and appliances are as safe as possible.


Thermographic Surveying

PERL Electrical Christchurch South are experts in electrical thermal imaging inspections for all domestic, commercial, rural and industrial customers. Thermography is a proactive diagnostic tool, which detects developing faults and any switchboard hazards early, before they cause costly system failure or an electrical fire. Thermal imaging is a non-invasive, non-contact procedure best carried out when the switchboard is operating under normal conditions.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers Supply & Install

Buying an Electric Vehicle (EV)? Need to be able to charge vehicles at home or a series of electric charging points at your business?  PERL have access to an extensive range of EV chargers and NZ charger cables to suit your requirements.  We can install an EV charger into your new build, rental property or place of work to cater for everyone’s needs. PERL Electrical are leading the charge for EV charging in New Zealand.


Data & Communications Design & Install

Are you working from home or wanting to fit out your office with the latest in data communications innovations to keep your business operating at the top of its game?  PERL Electrical Christchurch South are the experts in the design, installation and maintenance of your home or office network infrastructure needs.  Give our PERL team a call so we can better understand your needs and get you sorted.

What our customers say

“Adrian helped design and install my home automation system. Very effective and made it look easy”

John C

“Looking for a straight up, reliable, affordable sparky then look no further. Would totally recommend"

Natasha E

“Service was prompt, tidy and very professional. Highly recommended"

Steven W