LED Lighting

Let PERL give you the designer look, without the designer price

LED lights are stylish, safe and will save you a lot of money on power bills

Most old light bulbs, waste a huge amount of energy and are expensive to operate.  The excess heat generated by modern recessed downlights also means that you often need gaps in your insulation to ensure there's no risk of creating fire - adding yet another degree of inefficiency and making your electricity bills even dearer.

A PERL Electrical LED Lighting Upgrade is the best way to improve your house or businesses energy efficiency, save money and do something positive for the environment.

Our experienced PERL Electrical Christchurch South electricians are ready to provide you with quality lighting advice, design and LED installation. We will help you select the right LED lights for your home, ensure that the brightness level of each room suits your needs, and make certain that your lighting system is fire-safe.


What does a LED lighting upgrade involve?

Your local PERL electrician will come to your property to give you expert advice on the best ways to improve your lighting situation. We will also provide you with a no-obligation free quote outlining exactly how much a particular lighting upgrade will cost for your room, home or building.

We provide LED supply and installation for all residential, commercial and industrial properties.  As experienced licenced electricians we understand that lighting is an art as well as a science, so our lighting service involves much more than simply swapping out your existing light fittings with new LED bulbs.  Our experienced team will help you design a lighting solution that significantly enhances the ambience of the space, whether it's a dentist's waiting room, a retail showroom, support office environment or a modern Kiwi home.

PERL Electrical only uses premium lighting products from reputable suppliers with extended warrantees of up to 10 years, so you can feel rest assured that your new lights will not only look fantastic, they will also save you money through longevity and efficiency.  

While we have a vast array of suppliers and models of LED lights, we also have a number of everyday LED Lighting Upgrade Offers, that allow you to benefit from our exceptional buying power combined with affordable installation.

PERL Electrical and our Lighting Partners

PERL Electrical has a wide range of lighting partners including:

We often collaborate to bring to you an amazing LED upgrade offers that will give your home or business the designer look without the designer price. Together we think that's positively brilliant.

Check out our current LED supplier offers:

Lighting Plus LED Upgrade Lighting Offer*

PERL Electrical and our lighting partner Lighting plus have collaborated to bring to you an amazing LED upgrade offer that will give your home or business the designer look without the designer price. Together we think that's positively brilliant.
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Visionary LED Upgrade Lighting Offer*

PERL Electrical have also collaborated with Visionary Technology, an innovative New Zealand developer of lighting and power conversion technology, to bring you an unbeatable quality LED lighting offer at affordable prices.  

Visionary have been investing in the lighting industry since LED lighting was in its infancy and have an envious track record for producing quality products that last. Their extensive range of LED lights can be found in thousands of New Zealand homes, businesses, warehouses, sports fields and are the trusted go to by many licenced electricians.
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*Conditions of PERL LED Lighting Offers: A minimum of 10 LEDs are required to activate this offer.  The offer applies to basic replacements with existing holes.  Anything more complicated such as additional wiring and/or bigger/additional holes may incur additional costs. A site visit will be required to formalise your quote. Supply is limited. Payment is required on completion of installation.  

The PERL Electrical team are highly experienced in installing LEDs across a variety of commercial and industrial properties. So if your café, retail shop, waiting room, supermarket, school or workplace is dim and lifeless and you want to make it more inviting give us a call today . Our lighting plans, products and installation expertise are guaranteed to save your business time and money.

Contact your local PERL Electrician to discuss your Commercial and Industrial LED lighting needs.