Gate Automation

PERL Electrical are your Gate Automation Installation Specialists

PERL Electrical are the experts most qualified to deliver your new electric gate or fix an existing one.

PERL Electrical understands the technology used to make and install electric gates, so you can lean on us for advice to improve the security of your property and keep your possessions and family members shielded from intruders.  So don't risk wasting huge money on gates that won't function well in practice. Trust PERL Electrical and BFT NZ to guide you through the process and help you get an automated electric gate that will be worth every cent you spend on its installation and maintenance!

Just let us know what you need and one of our PERL electricians will contact you to offer the following services:

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Automatic Sliding Gates

Enjoy the comfort of feeling secure both at and away from home. Can be customised to suit the tastes of any homeowner.

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Solar Powered Systems

A complete solar powered system for low-voltage installations. Ideal for doors and gates that are not easily reached from the power mains.

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Automatic Swing Gates

The gate leaves generally open into the property but can also be set up to open away from the property.

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Bluetooth Operation

Never have to search for your remote control again! Activate your swing controllers via your mobile phone.

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Garage Doors 

Automatic door and remote solutions suitable for domestic garages. Control your electric gates and garage door from a single remote.

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Hands Free Operation

Sometimes pressing of a remote control button can be inconvenient or dangerous, such as motor cycle access points, forklift truck entries/exits or truck loading ramps.

World Class BFT Italian Components

PERL Electrical in association with BFT NZ offer a range of gate automation solutions created to effectively address any situation and need. No matter what your requirements, are our electricians will be able to advise you on the possibilities and associated costs for your particular home project.

BFT is an Italian company who design and manufacture electric gates and access automation equipment.  The company is head quartered in Schio, Northern Italy.

Established over 30 years ago, BFT products are available all over the world, either through numerous operating subsidiaries or a network of value-add distributors.  Their products are bought by the leading entrance automation installers in every country and they work closely with home owners and people responsible for commercial and industrial site access control to provide them with solutions to their entrance automation requirements.

Today BFT is widely recognised by entrance automation installers as the company who can provide them with industry leading, world class automation technology that is highly functional, reliable, cost effective and durable.  

Visit the BFT web site to get a better understanding of the full range of products that can solve your gate automation and site access control challenges.


Pricing Examples of PERL Electrical Installed Automated Gates

Gate $2150

BFT Automation components $1820

Electrical Costs (labour & materials) $2600

Certificate of Complaince (COC) $30

GST $990

Gate $1300

BFT Automation components $1863

Electrical Costs (labour & materials) $2250

Certificate of Complaince (COC) $30

GST $816.45

Gate $2720

BFT Automation components $1400

Electrical Costs (labour & materials) $2400

Certificate of Complaince (COC) $30

GST $982.50


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