Is franchise business ownership right for you?

Let's see if a PERL franchise is a good fit for you

Could a PERL Franchise be right for you?

Are you ready to step into ownership of a plumbing or electrical franchise with the support and guidance of an experienced trade business partner and other likeminded franchises? Are you ready to reap the personal and financial rewards that a PERL Franchise can help you to achieve for you and your family?

What do we mean by 'franchise'?

A franchise is a small business that is associated with a larger brand. The benefits of this business model is that the franchisee (the person who buys the franchise) is able to work for themselves, while tapping into the reputation and support network of an established business.

Demand for plumbing and electrical services shines bright

Plumbing and Electrical are sustainable, highly sought-after trades.  With New Zealand's population forecasted to increase to 5.51 million in 2025, 5.94 million in 2030 and 7.13 million in 2048 comes a significant investment in construction and renovation. With the expected population growth and activity in the construction industry, the demand and prospects for those in the plumbing and electrical contracting sector shine brightly. (Source: Stats NZ)

The green industry is also growing fast – it doubled in size between 2000 and 2020, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Business and residential customers alike love that smart energy and water conservation systems allow them to save money while also helping the environment.  There continues to be a growing demand for comprehensive upgrades to energy and water systems from lighting, to heating and cooling, water harvesting and filtering and consulting on popular renewable energy strategies such as solar, EV charging solutions and smart homes.

Why a PERL Franchise?

Starting your own business can be a daunting proposition so at PERL we’re set up to help, with tools and training to get you ready before day one.

PERL is seeking new plumbing and electrical franchise partners around New Zealand who resonate with a commitment to deliver high quality workmanship, outstanding customer service, the desire to be the most trusted plumber or electrician in their local community - while obtaining financial security and improved lifestyle for you and your family.

We’re big on family, mentorship, personal growth and work-life balance for our members.  So PERL provides the tools, training and direction you need to get the most out of your work, deliver the best service to your customers, to make your business thrive.

Whether you're looking to step into business ownership for the first time or you want to partner your existing electrical contracting business to make a step change then here are just some of the benefits you can expect as a PERL franchisee.

Limited Franchise Locations

PERL is a new, innovative plumbing and electrical franchise business with a limited number of franchise opportunities throughout New Zealand.  Each franchise is determined by a number of criteria to maximise each franchisees potential.  Each members territory has approximately 50,000 people, as well as a mix of commercial, industrial and often rural exposure.  PERL members are also not restricted in their ability to trade outside their respective territory.   Often builders move from job to job and from territory to territory.  At PERL we understand that relationships bridge boundaries and so we expect our mebers to follow their clients whereever they are needed.

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The low joining fee of $10,000 plus GST is designed to reduce the barriers to entry for high potential franchisees which will get you going quicker.  On approval of your Franchise you get:

  • A fully functional personalised local URL website, Facebook and Instagram
  • Set up of Google Business account
  • Licence to trade & leverage from the PERL brand & logos
  • Access to proven systems & processes
  • Full operational system training
  • Customer & client communication pack
  • Access to exclusive national supplier purchasing rates, discounts & offers
  • Access to nationally negotiated pricing from numerous suppliers
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Ring fence your existing customers

Unlike most franchises we appreciate that you may have existing loyal customers that you want to protect as part of your ongoing investment. When you enter a PERL Franchise you are encouraged to nominate customers who in the event you leave the franchise in the future will remain yours. This ensures that in the event you leave the franchise your customers are safeguarded and your future is 100% secure.  At PERL we believe fairness, trust and honesty are three of the most important foundations of doing business.  So not only have we included them in our "PERL Values" they are very much apart of the fabric in how we work everyday.

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Member Support and Development

PERL is passionate about helping to deliver high performance franchises. We give you extensive business support, education and personal development opportunities, bench marking and networking opportunities.   With regular regional seminars and training, our franchises and their teams can upskill from anything from the latest developments in our cloud-based software to business processes and procedures to local sales strategy and tactical marketing programs.  And our suppliers support our members with regular training and development to ensure that they have the best product range and knowledge to stand out from the crowd.


Integrated Business Systems

We have the Best-in-class systems to scale your business.… accounting, operating, estimating, vehicle tracking, benchmarking, customer feedback and they’re all fully integrated.  This lets you increase efficiencies across your business, so you can scale up and grow effortlessly. We’ll work closely with you to implement systems that let you empower your team, mobilise your resources, gain valuable insights that drive strategic business decisions. PERL systems are chosen to help save you time and money!

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National Buying Power

We've aligned ourselves with some of the most recognised brands in New Zealand, giving you the national buying power, to provide you with the best prices and discounts on an array of product and services, which will reduce your costs, improve your margins and put more money in your pocket. Job Done!

Amongst our extensive range of current Supply Partners we have Corys Electrical, Ideal Electrical, Scott Electrical, Advance Electrical Wholesalers, Redpaths, Active, Lighting Direct, Arrowhead Alarms, Carrier, Toshiba, Mitsubish, Smith City Commercial, Bridgestone, Mitre 10, Bunnings, Hirepool, Spark, BP, FORD, Hyundai, ITrade and simPRO.


As a PERL Member you'll be joing a supportive community of like-minded electricians who understand the challenges of running a business.  Your new colleague network helps you overcome the daily obstacles of owning a trade business. By sharing everything from product advice, installation techniques to business experiences and even labour, we’re all about supporting each other to help every member thrive.  We encourage all prospective members to talk to some of our current members to better understand how PERL has worked for them.

PERL Electrical Suppliers
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Brand Credibility and Leverage

As a PERL Member, you have access to unprecedented national brand and marketing power for leverage at a local level.  We have extensive marketing tools available including marketing templates, brochures, customer communication systems, social media and website design options which will set you apart from your competitors. PERL Electrical is a national brand that’s locally owned by you.  By wearing the PERL brand proudly wherever they work, our members instil confidence in their customers by showing they’re part of a network that stands for trust, professionalism, and quality.

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Retain Control and Ownership

Your business, teams, customers, and data all remain your own, and you’ll continue to have total control of your business and any decisions. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering as much flexibility and freedom within our membership as you’d have outside of it. While you retain full control and ownership of your existing business you also obtain full access to the PERL brand, marketing and advertising knowledge and services, all our business operating systems and corporate credibility.

National Accounts

PERL Group Central Services provides sales support and coordination to secure PERL Franchises multi-site projects and service and maintenance management for national customers that would normally not be made available to independent contractors.  We work with a number of national and local clients that you will instantly be aligned for jobs such as Tile Space, Stroud Homes, Trident Homes, Auckland Property Managers, SmartVent, Weiss and EVOAQ.

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Long Term Value

Becoming part of the PERL brand will make your business more profitable and saleable. Part of your development includes developing an operating plan that works towards your retirement goals.  Whether this is to sell in its entirety or divest and pass onto family, we work with you to maximise your return. So when the time comes this simply means more money in your pocket for the same effort, with a better long term exit strategy for your business.


We’re committed to offering a low-cost model with absolutely no hidden fees. Our affordable membership means you get exceptional value for money, with your investment covering our full business support program. The real question is, can you afford not to join?


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