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Not only do PERL Electrical offer a product, we offer a complete solution, whatever your application, from a single unit at home, to a network of chargers across the country.

If you're wanting safe, fast and reliable electric vehicle charging but don't know where to start, the team at PERL Electrical are here to help.  PERL Electricians are specialists at installation, servicing and repair of New Zealand's most reputable EV Chargers.  We partner with the most reputable brands such as Tesla, Schneider Electric, Circontrol and Transnet to ensure that our clients get a proven and reliable end product. Your trusted local PERL electricians will conduct an expert installation so you can rest easy knowing that your EV Charger has been installed safely by qualified registered electricians. 

Are you confused by the range of EV Charger options available? Can't tell your Type 1 plug from your Type 2? No problem, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or give us a call - our PERL Electrical electricians are EV experts having installed 100's of units throughout New Zealand.  They will gladly answer all your questions to help you make a fully informed decision on the best system for your space and needs. Give us a call or reach out to us and let us know what you need and we'll offer a range of choices on EV Charging Solutions that will fit your requirements and budgets - And don't forget to ask about our current specials.  EV CHARGING SPECIALS


To make the most of EV ownership, you need high-voltage charging equipment at home. Here's everything you need to know to get started.

 There are a number of ways EV ownership will be different than that of a vehicle with a traditional internal-combustion engine, but a big one you need to figure out immediately is charging.

First, you want to be charging at home as much as possible. This has two significant benefits: Charging can be accomplished when the vehicle is otherwise parked, and home charging is substantially cheaper (roughly one-third the cost) of DC fast-charging.

There are three major factors to consider: 

  • the output of the household circuit you're connecting to
  • the output of the EV charging equipment, and 
  • the rate of charging that your vehicle can handle.

By following these steps, reading our FAQ and exploring our preferred EV Charger suppliers links below: Transnet, Tesla, Schneider and Circontrol talking to your local PERL Electrician you will find the best solution for your home's ventilation needs.

Why choose PERL Electrical for your EV Charging needs?

Customer Service

All PERL Electricians can offer expert advice on a wide range of EV Charging Solutions for your home. business or public space. Contact us to book a free assessment and quote.

In-Home/Business Consultation

As an accredited installer for many EV chargers PERL Electricians can visit you to assess your EV Charging needs and specify a system designed specifically for your needs without breaking the bank.  Consultations are provided free of charge and without obligation.

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Planning Services

If you are building or renovating your home then don't hesitate to send your house plans to us and let us work with you to provide a recommendation on the most optimum system and layout for your home.

Accredited Installers

All our installers are fully qualified insured electricians accredited by our suppliers to install their product. As knowledgeable EV specialists we will install your system to the highest standards, assuring care and absolute precision.

EV CHARGING SOLUTIONS - Frequently Asked Questions

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